Fire Kills Project

After the Bristol Zoo group project, our next project we had to do was to think of an idea for a campaign about fire safety using digital media. This was going to be funded by the Government, also we could target any age range we wanted as a Fire Kills campaign can target many audiences.

We first decided that we wanted to target an older generation by using posters and TV advertisements as a way of showing the campaign. However, after deliberation between the group we thought that this idea would be far too generic and that other groups would have similar ideas to this. Moreover, conventionally fire safety campaigns are normally targeted at older people as they are the most vulnerable. So based on this, we decided to change our idea and target people living away from home for the first time and teenagers. We wanted to target this bracket of people as we thought it would be a different angle to take on a fire safety campaign as most of the attention is normally focused on the vulnerable, old and very young people.

At this stage of the idea process, we still had the idea of the poster and TV advertisements. Consequently to the change in audience, we decide to go down a different route with the campaign. As a group we came together and researched what our age bracket is most likely going to be targeted by in the media. We found that the age group we were targeting use the internet and social media sites more than any other age bracket. This lead us to the idea of using vine as way of getting the Fire Kills campaign to our target audience. We decided to make the vines comedic as this suited our audience, and sometimes vines can become viral across different social media sites.  This would boost the Fire Kills campaign presence across all social media sites.

The benefit of using vines is not only that it targeted our audience extremely well, it is also completely free which is good to hear from a government campaign as it would be tax payers money.

I found the Fire Kills campaign group project to be a hard yet rewarding task as once the idea was found, the execution was good.


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