Channel Project – Pre production

At this point in the project we have our idea, the logo and the products, now all we need is the videos. To start doing the videos we had to go about making pre-production materials for them. This involved things such as: 

  • Storyboards
  • Shot Logs
  • Call Sheets
  • Risk Assessment Forms
  • Model Clearance Forms
  • Location Clearance with calling up the owners to see if we have permission to shoot.


For the storyboards, we split them between myself, Sil and Curtis to do as we had mostly come up with the ideas for the products so it made sense for us to do what we thought would be best for the adverts. I had the task of doing the endurance storyboard which involved me apply my idea and making it reality. I found this relatively easy as all it involved was me drawing up what I already knew.

Other people in the group did risk assessment forms etc.



Channel Project – The products

Now that we had the final idea and the logo in place, it was time to think what each drink would do.

The Drinks

  • Velocity (blue) – When drunk, the consumer it enhances their speed
  • Power (Yellow/Orange) – When drunk, the consumer it enhances their strength
  • Endurance (Purple) – When drunk, the consumer it enhances their speed stamina
  • Perception (Red) – When drunk, the consumer it enhances their speed sight

Now we had these drink ideas in place, we started to think what we could do for promoting them. We discussed and we decided to create 90 second or so adverts on each drink. We wanted to make these adverts funny, which would appeal to our target audience.


  • Velocity (blue) – An advert with an inherit male gaze as we see a male looking over at a girl and wanting to speak to her as she looks over to him however, he is so far away and can’t do so. This is when he drinks Vitalise Velocity then he has the speed to get to her in time to speak to her before he misses his opportunity.
  • Power (Yellow/Orange) – An advert that would involve strength enhancing activities. We had the idea of having someone lifting weights and then sees a girl so he drinks Vitalise Power and puts many weights on to impress her. With an obvious male gaze, we thought this would be funny and not to be taken seriously.
  • Endurance (Purple) – An advert where it would show case stamina so things like jumping over obstacles and such. We had the idea of having a womans purse stolen then a male sees it happen but is too tired to help so he drinks Vitalise Endurance and has the energy to do so and then stops the robber and gives it back to the woman.
  • Perception (Red) – An advert where the person would struggle and do activities wrong in the morning however, drinks the Vitalise Perception and does the morning correctly show casing how much of an impact the drink makes compared to not having it.

These are our ideas for the moment for the adverts. Some of these rely on whether or not we can use the location and the weather. So, as we need to film, the ideas may change depending on these factors.

Channel Project – Logo

As a group, we had to design a logo for the channel. We through around a couple of ideas and we decided that because the idea involves a drink, we would have something drink related in the logo. Some of early designs involved drinks in them. Here is one of the earliest designs we had:

logo ideas2

We took inspiration from Dairy Milk’s logo. This isn’t a bad design however the brief says it has to be a vector suitable for letters and easily scaled etc.

Taking this into account we had numerous designs for logos:

logo ideas

We liked these designs however, we thought the red one stuck out as our favourite.  We took inspiration from this and we also remembered one of the lectures being on simplicity. As a group we thought between us, how can we make it more simplistic? This is what we came up with:


This was our final logo design that met the brief and we think it looks very good! (If you don’t mind me saying)

Channel Project – Final idea

We met again to talk about the project. After the last meeting we said to think of ideas that we have and bring them with us when we met today. We all agreed that the government route for the channel was not that right way to go about the project. We spoke to our lecturers and they agreed that we should take our channel down the promotional route. We also discussed the idea itself. I suggested that having a pill as a product carriers bad connotations of a pill so we changed the product to a drink based product. The drink still carries the same effect of the pill however we thought having a drink would carry a better connotation. Furthermore, we changed the audience as it is now solely on promotion. Our new audience is around 18-30. Now we have the final idea, we can crack on with the branding of the product and start to plan the videos we will be making. Moreover, the name of the company is, Vitalise. We chose this name as we thought it linked with what the product does, and it is quite an engaging and different name.

Start of the Channel Project

Today, we were set the channel project. In this project we had to choose between different sectors to base a channel around where we could create videos for the channel. We were put into groups of 6, I was working with: Sil, Curtis, Aaron, Declan and Natalia. The different sectors we could base the channel on were things such as: Health, politics, technologies and travel. As a group we came together to discuss which one we would choose and why.

Other some discussion we decided on going for health as we thought of the idea of having the channel as a Governemnt based channel. This meant that our videos that we would make would be adverts for the product in each of the videos. We first of all tried to think of what we would actually promote. We tossed around ideas and one of the ideas we had was to have a pill that you took and it would improve attributes of a certain person. We went down the Government route because we thought that people in the public services such as policemen and firemen could take it to improve their jobs and help save more people and help more.

This is still early days of the channel project, we looked to improve and refine our ideas as we went along.

Review of the website for draft

Now that I have handed in the website for the draft mark, it allows me to look back at what I did right with the website making process, and what I did wrong. Moreover, I will review what I personally think of the website.


I feel that the process of making the website was a difficult one as I thought I knew more about making websites than I actually did. I under estimated time as well, I felt as though I had a lot of time to do the website whereas, I didn’t have that much time at all and time caught up with me. This lead to me rushing the finishing of the website. I feel as though, if I had this task again, which I do as it’s a draft website, I will do a little bit at a time instead of trying to do it all in a week or around that time.

Review of website

The finished website is not up to my standards of what I would like it to be. I feel as though the thought process and execution of the colour scheme was wrong. This is highlighted with the fact that, I think, it looks childish and not structured enough for a professional e-portfolio. However, what I do like is the idea of the navigation system rollovers and the position of it, I feel that I need to change the colours and add more content to the website.

What’s next?

The website hand in is in march and I look forward to improving the website based off feedback and also improving it from my critical feedback. I will try and do something for the website each day leading up to it, to improve my time management.