Review of the website for draft

Now that I have handed in the website for the draft mark, it allows me to look back at what I did right with the website making process, and what I did wrong. Moreover, I will review what I personally think of the website.


I feel that the process of making the website was a difficult one as I thought I knew more about making websites than I actually did. I under estimated time as well, I felt as though I had a lot of time to do the website whereas, I didn’t have that much time at all and time caught up with me. This lead to me rushing the finishing of the website. I feel as though, if I had this task again, which I do as it’s a draft website, I will do a little bit at a time instead of trying to do it all in a week or around that time.

Review of website

The finished website is not up to my standards of what I would like it to be. I feel as though the thought process and execution of the colour scheme was wrong. This is highlighted with the fact that, I think, it looks childish and not structured enough for a professional e-portfolio. However, what I do like is the idea of the navigation system rollovers and the position of it, I feel that I need to change the colours and add more content to the website.

What’s next?

The website hand in is in march and I look forward to improving the website based off feedback and also improving it from my critical feedback. I will try and do something for the website each day leading up to it, to improve my time management.


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