Start of the Channel Project

Today, we were set the channel project. In this project we had to choose between different sectors to base a channel around where we could create videos for the channel. We were put into groups of 6, I was working with: Sil, Curtis, Aaron, Declan and Natalia. The different sectors we could base the channel on were things such as: Health, politics, technologies and travel. As a group we came together to discuss which one we would choose and why.

Other some discussion we decided on going for health as we thought of the idea of having the channel as a Governemnt based channel. This meant that our videos that we would make would be adverts for the product in each of the videos. We first of all tried to think of what we would actually promote. We tossed around ideas and one of the ideas we had was to have a pill that you took and it would improve attributes of a certain person. We went down the Government route because we thought that people in the public services such as policemen and firemen could take it to improve their jobs and help save more people and help more.

This is still early days of the channel project, we looked to improve and refine our ideas as we went along.


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