Channel Project – Final idea

We met again to talk about the project. After the last meeting we said to think of ideas that we have and bring them with us when we met today. We all agreed that the government route for the channel was not that right way to go about the project. We spoke to our lecturers and they agreed that we should take our channel down the promotional route. We also discussed the idea itself. I suggested that having a pill as a product carriers bad connotations of a pill so we changed the product to a drink based product. The drink still carries the same effect of the pill however we thought having a drink would carry a better connotation. Furthermore, we changed the audience as it is now solely on promotion. Our new audience is around 18-30. Now we have the final idea, we can crack on with the branding of the product and start to plan the videos we will be making. Moreover, the name of the company is, Vitalise. We chose this name as we thought it linked with what the product does, and it is quite an engaging and different name.


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