Channel Project – The products

Now that we had the final idea and the logo in place, it was time to think what each drink would do.

The Drinks

  • Velocity (blue) – When drunk, the consumer it enhances their speed
  • Power (Yellow/Orange) – When drunk, the consumer it enhances their strength
  • Endurance (Purple) – When drunk, the consumer it enhances their speed stamina
  • Perception (Red) – When drunk, the consumer it enhances their speed sight

Now we had these drink ideas in place, we started to think what we could do for promoting them. We discussed and we decided to create 90 second or so adverts on each drink. We wanted to make these adverts funny, which would appeal to our target audience.


  • Velocity (blue) – An advert with an inherit male gaze as we see a male looking over at a girl and wanting to speak to her as she looks over to him however, he is so far away and can’t do so. This is when he drinks Vitalise Velocity then he has the speed to get to her in time to speak to her before he misses his opportunity.
  • Power (Yellow/Orange) – An advert that would involve strength enhancing activities. We had the idea of having someone lifting weights and then sees a girl so he drinks Vitalise Power and puts many weights on to impress her. With an obvious male gaze, we thought this would be funny and not to be taken seriously.
  • Endurance (Purple) – An advert where it would show case stamina so things like jumping over obstacles and such. We had the idea of having a womans purse stolen then a male sees it happen but is too tired to help so he drinks Vitalise Endurance and has the energy to do so and then stops the robber and gives it back to the woman.
  • Perception (Red) – An advert where the person would struggle and do activities wrong in the morning however, drinks the Vitalise Perception and does the morning correctly show casing how much of an impact the drink makes compared to not having it.

These are our ideas for the moment for the adverts. Some of these rely on whether or not we can use the location and the weather. So, as we need to film, the ideas may change depending on these factors.


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