Channel Project – Pre production

At this point in the project we have our idea, the logo and the products, now all we need is the videos. To start doing the videos we had to go about making pre-production materials for them. This involved things such as: 

  • Storyboards
  • Shot Logs
  • Call Sheets
  • Risk Assessment Forms
  • Model Clearance Forms
  • Location Clearance with calling up the owners to see if we have permission to shoot.


For the storyboards, we split them between myself, Sil and Curtis to do as we had mostly come up with the ideas for the products so it made sense for us to do what we thought would be best for the adverts. I had the task of doing the endurance storyboard which involved me apply my idea and making it reality. I found this relatively easy as all it involved was me drawing up what I already knew.

Other people in the group did risk assessment forms etc.



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