Channel Project – Finished!

Today was the day when I completed the Channel Project. I was very pleased with the outcome as the other half of the group had done a good website which complemented the adverts well.

What went well?

I feel as a group we really worked well together and had similar thought processes which made the ideas flow. Moreover, there wasn’t a ‘leader’ as such so all ideas were listened to and also filming was shared and acting was shared between the group so everyone felt involved.

What didn’t go well?

Lack of actors was a problem as I personally would of wanted different actors for each advert however, we had to reuse the same ones which made the adverts look unprofessional and rushed.

What do I take from this project?

I walk away satisfied and feel that I have rejuvenated my skills at filming and editing. In addition, I have learnt how to adapt to situations such as, lack of actors and weather problems. If these problems arise in the future, I will know how to deal with them.


Channel Project – Editing

As half the group were doing the website, it was up to me and Sil to edit all of the adverts into structured and good adverts. The first step we took was placing all of the clips together so it flowed. This meant we had to cut every clip we had to make it run smoothly and also to keep it under 6 minutes for all of the adverts put together which meant keeping each one roughly a minute and a half.

Once we had cut the clips and made it so it ran smoothly, we added a black and white tint before the drink was consumed then made it colour once the actor had consumed the drink. We did this so the viewer knew the transition from when the drink was not being used, to when it was active.

Once that was done for the adverts the only thing we had left to do was to add music for each of the adverts. We wanted to add music to make the adverts more appealing and engaging to the viewer. I remembered that there is a youtube channel that does non copyrighted music. We used songs from there for our adverts.

Overall I think the editing went well although, we did leave it quite late to finish it so if there had been any problems, we would of been in trouble.

Channel Project – Filming

We used the reading we as a time to film all of our adverts. As we had a week where we had no university lectures to go to, we thought this would be the best time to film our adverts. We rented out the equipment we needed and picked it up monday to film the first advert that day.

Vitalise Perception

We filmed the first advert which was perception. We had the idea fully planned on the storyboards and it was just executing it how we envisioned it to be. Sil was the actor in this advert and myself, as well as Aaron and Curtis did the filming/directing for the advert. This worked well as we all knew what to do and if we thought of a better idea on the spot, we could easily add it in. The filming of this advert went very smoothly and there was no problems whilst filming.

Vitalise Velocity

For this advert, we filmed at a green with pathways. The filming of this involved Curtis and Natalia being the actors. We had a perfect spot for the advert as Curtis looks over at Natalia but can’t get to her in time before she walks off, then he takes a drink and can get there quick enough before he missed his opportunity. There was no problem with this filming and everything went well, apart from it being very, very windy.

Vitalise Power

For the advert for Vitalise Power, we wanted to film in a gym. We had to hand in risk assessments and ask permission from the gym. After this was done we had to improvise the idea a bit. Our original idea had a girl in it however, due to lack of actors, we had to use a guy instead. Curtis and I acted in this advert. The advert was the same although, I was lifting really small weights then he showed how strong the drink made him. Ironically, this turned out a lot better than expected and the advert was a success.

Vitalise Endurance

This advert was originally going to have a robbery scene in it where a girl gets robbed then a man helps rescue and return the purse or whatever was stolen. Similar to the power advert, we couldn’t get any girls to act in it. Furthermore, it was only myself, Curtis and Sil filming this one. We discussed what we could do opposed to our original idea. We came up with the idea of a sort of montage/trailer for a Vitalise drink coming soon. This worked well as we had Curtis run and jump several times to advertise the drink. Similar to the Power advert, it worked a lot better than expected and may have been better than our original idea.

Now that everything is done on the filming side of the project. It was time to start editing it all together!