Channel Project – Editing

As half the group were doing the website, it was up to me and Sil to edit all of the adverts into structured and good adverts. The first step we took was placing all of the clips together so it flowed. This meant we had to cut every clip we had to make it run smoothly and also to keep it under 6 minutes for all of the adverts put together which meant keeping each one roughly a minute and a half.

Once we had cut the clips and made it so it ran smoothly, we added a black and white tint before the drink was consumed then made it colour once the actor had consumed the drink. We did this so the viewer knew the transition from when the drink was not being used, to when it was active.

Once that was done for the adverts the only thing we had left to do was to add music for each of the adverts. We wanted to add music to make the adverts more appealing and engaging to the viewer. I remembered that there is a youtube channel that does non copyrighted music. We used songs from there for our adverts.

Overall I think the editing went well although, we did leave it quite late to finish it so if there had been any problems, we would of been in trouble.


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