Photography – Outcome

After taking all of the photos I needed, I put them together to spell my name:



Photography – Analysis

The photography project was a hard task to complete as I was hindered due to the fact that I didn’t have a camera with me at all times and that I had to rely on other people to use their cameras. Furthermore, all of my pictures are in university which limits the creativity of the photos as they all look rather similar. In future, I would go out with one of my friends and try and find examples of letters outside of university to make the photos varied compared to what I did which were all the photos being at university which made them look worse than what they could of been.

Overall, I think this was a good brief to test us as it made us keep an eye out in design and to be always aware of our surroundings. I would like to do this type of project again if I had the right equipment.

Photography – Interpretation

I went about this by having an environment where i could use one of my friends cameras, and not using the same letters as them. I thought this would be easiest doing the photography in university as my friends are around me so whenever there is a letter I can photograph, I can use their camera. This limited my experience of finding good examples of a variety of objects, however, I was limited with the technology i had on me. 

Photography – Description

The first mini project was to take pictures of real life objects that are in the form of letters. I was set the task of finding the letters that make up my name. My name is rather long so I thought, from the off-set, that this was going to be long process to complete. This was also going to be a difficult project to complete as I don’t have a good camera to take photos with and also no camera on my phone. 

Flash Animation – Overall analysis

From creating animations using Flash I have experienced the different ways in which Flash can help create an animation. 

What was good?

I have learnt how to use Flash. This has been useful as it is always good to learn a new program. Furthermore, it increases my knowledge of different programs which will be useful for the future and future employment. I feel confident now about creating an animation using Flash. 

What wasn’t so good?

I thought the program was very limited. This is because there is only so much you can do on Flash when creating an animation, making the animation look old fashion, in digital terms, compared to other animations that other programs can do. Also, I thought it was a very long winded process to create the animations as you had to edit each layer one at a time to piece together to make the animation. 


Flash animation 3 – Analysis

The animation was exactly what I wanted it to be. I wanted it to be fun and creative and have a personality to it. I feel as though I achieved this. The use of different coloured lines to create an animation made it playful and engaging on the eye. In future however, I would of made this animation more advanced by having many different layers of lines to make it more abstract.