Mini projects – Flash animation

The next step for of the course, after doing the channel project brief, was to start a series of mini projects where we use different programs to create different and interesting outcomes from using the software. Each week we were going to be set a different software to use and our lecturers gave us a brief upon which to fit the use of the programs to.

The first program I had to use was Flash. Flash has been around for many years and is one of the fundamentals of animation. However, recently flash has seen a decline in use and is slowly, rather quickly now, being phased out by other programs which use the fundamentals of flash and what makes flash unique and the other programs have more technologies built within in them that make it better than Flash. Nevertheless, we had to use flash to create an abstract 15 second animation, this could be whatever we wanted.

The brief doesn’t seem that hard to complete, however, I have never used flash before so it might be quite hard to do. I will start the creating my flash animation as soon as possible. 


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