Flash animation 2 – Interpretation

To go about this, I had to make it look like the snake was moving so I used 3 squares in the first layer and then every layer I would move the last square to the front, this made it look like the snake was moving. I then implemented the growing of the snake when going over the red dots by adding another square to the front and moving it as before.

I ended the animation by having the snake hit itself and ‘dying’. I did this by fading all the squares out by changing the black squares to lighter shades of grey. This turned out well. Moreover, the ending I wrote ‘By Alex’. I did this by having the ‘by’ in squares to fit in with the animation that just happened, however, I had my name in a different style to make it more original to me as a person and to show the difference in my name and the rest of the animation. 


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