Flash animation – Interpretation

As this was my first time using Flash, i didn’t know quite where to begin. I knew the basic concept of how to create different pages of animations then putting them all together to create a sequence from still images. I learnt this from college as I did a stop animation for my college A level. This came in use as it helped me visualise and create the Flash animation. 

At first, I experimented with different tools for the animation. I used the brush tool for the beginning of the animation by just drawing lines in a sequence to make it look like the lines were moving. This technique turned out to be very useful and looked good, so this is what I used for the beginning of my first animation. 

I created the beginning of my first animation using this technique. I make this abstract to fit with the brief. However, I then changed the style of animation by using squares to make a sequence of events and patterns. I did this by changing the colours of the squares. Once I had used these techniques, I could go about and finish the animation. 


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