Dorset Independence Poster – The Brief/initial ideas

Recently, Scotland tried to become independent from the rest of the UK. This came with many different campaigns to try and persuade Scotland to vote ‘Yes’ to becoming independent. Although they did not succeed in becoming independent, the bid for independence produced a variety of interesting and eye-catching posters which were trying to sway the thoughts of the people of Scotland.

With this in mind, what if Dorset wanted to become independent? This is the task we were set. We had to create a poster to promote Dorset becoming independent and to encourage people to join the campaign. This meant that the poster had to be eye-catching, have a clear target audience and also clearly show that the poster is campaigning for Dorset to become independent. We were asked to form groups so I decided to pair up with my housemate, Samuel Jones. We mutual decided that this would be the best course of action as we can work on it and discuss it easily.

Our first course of action was to decide on the key areas of the poster and what would be the vocal points of the poster. We decided these areas by researching Scotland’s independence posters and also, we looked at Britain’s First posters. We looked at these two areas as they both are strongly showing that they want independence from something. After looking at several posters we settled on the idea of having a significant picture on the poster which conveys the overall idea of the posters. Furthermore, we looked at propaganda posters for war to encourage people to join and sign up. Me and Sam liked the look of these posters as they are very direct and eye-catching. One of the posters that stood out to us was this:

We liked the idea of using a fist as this is a symbol of rising up against something and power. We felt that becoming independent also represents these ideals. We wanted the fist to be the vocal point of the poster however, have information accompanying the fist.

At this point in time, me and Sam have decided the rough idea of the poster so the next step is us to figure out how to put our ideas into reality.


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