Dorset Independence Poster – Creating

Now that we have the basic idea, we can start putting our ideas into Photoshop and see if they work. At this point, we still have plenty of time to change our ideas if they do not work. The first idea we altered was the fist. We decided that instead of having a plain fist on the poster that we should put the Dorset flag on the fist, so the whole fist is the Dorset flag. We decided this because it is then clear that the fist represents Dorset as a whole and that Dorset is powerful and independent. This was the outcome:


We felt that this fist works well with the Dorset flag over it. We chose a blue background for the poster as this is a neutral colour (used for most social media), and so the fist stands out against a darker background. We placed the fist at the side of the poster as we are putting text next to it and above it.

The next stage for us was to decide on a font. We wanted a unique font and also a font that looks like it belongs on an independence poster. We research fonts used on propaganda posters. However, these were too harsh and were too obviously linked to propaganda; we wanted subtle use of propaganda. After sifting through many different fonts, we decided on the font KG Defying Gravity Font:


We chose this font because it stands out, and we liked the banner look. We used this font for every text part of the poster. We wanted to put the text in the space next to the fist as it would look good together and then put the title of the campaign above everything else, defining it as the title. The colours of the text needed to stand out so we decided, after trying out different colours against the dark blue background, to have the text in the colours of the Dorset flag. We chose this because when you look at the poster and look at the text, you know exactly what the poster is about. This is because the colours are in the Dorset flag colours so the viewer will know that the poster is about Dorset. Now that we know what font we wanted to use, we are then going to experiment with text placement and also what sort of information to put on the poster in the next few days.


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