Dorset Independence Poster – Final Design

In the previous blog post, I discussed how we had the basic skeleton of the poster and the text font we were going to use for the information on the poster. During the time between then and now, we brainstormed what information we would want to put on the poster. This was harder than we first thought because, we wanted people to support the movement of Dorset becoming independent. The problem was that, we were struggling to find positives about Dorset that weren’t to do with the beach and environment. We didn’t want this information on the poster because, if a country or county for this matter is becoming independent, the only reason why people would vote for this is if the place could support itself. So we looked for statistics and facts about Dorset that leaned more towards the economic side of Dorset and also just generally good facts about Dorset.

After we decided what we would put on the poster, the final poster looked like this:


As you can see, we stuck to the original idea of having the fist as the vocal point of the poster. Moreover, we used the Dorset flag colours for the colour scheme of the poster to signify that the poster is solely about Dorset. Although, we used different colours for the promotional side of the poster. For this information, we used the colours green for “Have your say” and blue for the website and Twitter hash tag “#DONTDEPEND”. We used green because for “Have your say” because green is perceived as a positive colour and green is used for traffic lights for when a car can go. Furthermore, we wanted this sublimely put across for people to see this poster and ‘go’ to the website and use the Twitter hash tag to get involved with Dorset’s independence. We used the blue for the website and the Twitter hash tag as twitter is blue and most websites on the internet have blue.

Overall, we were pleased with the final poster. This was because, we felt it conveys the message well and it fits the brief almost exactly. However, our opinion does not matter as such because, the final part of this assignment is putting this in foyer of Weymouth house and seeing how people react to it and if they read it or not.


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