Dorset Independence Project – Putting it in the space/overview of assignment

Today was the day where we put the posters in the foyer in Weymouth house. The aim of today was to see how people react to the posters and if the posters grab the peoples attention. Can’t be too difficult, can it?

One of the main parts of this was the placement of our poster. This was the main part of today because if we put it in a bad place or a place where people can’t see it, it means that we will not see how our posters are perceived by other people. We looked at the different places where we could put the poster and because everyone else on our course was doing the same thing, there wasn’t many places to put myself and Sam’s poster. Although, we had an idea which no one had used yet. This idea was putting our poster in both elevators on the mirror. We did this because normally people in an elevator want to avoid conversation with other people in the lift so if there’s something to look at and read, they will read it. This was our thought process for the placement of our poster. This worked well as a few people got the elevator and every person read the poster. This task was good to assess how working with a space can make or break your poster.

Overall, this assignment gave us an insight on how to design a poster for a purpose and an audience. However, I think it could of been a better purpose as trying to make Dorset independent is quite a far fetched idea and I struggled to make Dorset appealing, no offence people who live in Dorset. Although saying that, the process of thinking of where to put the poster for peoples reactions and being aware of the space was a good experience. I believe I can use techniques and awareness learnt in this task in my future tasks that use the space.


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