Processing Project – The Brief

Today we were given the brief for the new assignment we would have to complete.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 18.54.38


This assignment is going to be focusing on a few ideas and outcomes that we should learn by the end of this process. These include: How people react to and understand the graphics being made, how people experience the work in an environment and understanding design rules. One of the main ways we will learn these are through testing the piece of Processing we have in Weymouth House. This is an open space where people go through everyday. Setting up our interactive pieces in this space would make perfect sense as we would gain much needed feedback.

Initial Thoughts

My initial thoughts on this assignment are that it seems very daunting. I say this because, although I have complete some workshops using the software being used in this assignment, I don’t think I am at the stage where I can create something of my own as of yet. If I want to do well on this assignment, I am really going to have to apply myself and to trying to learn Processing. Luckily, the deadline is set for a reasonable time in the future, which gives me enough time to think of an idea.

Plan of action

Now that I know what this assignment asks of me, what should I do first? The assignment is focused on design iterations which is a way of designing a product or media piece, in this assignment it is an interactive piece. The Iterative design process is more of a cycle rather than a set path design. This diagram from Webcredible shows the process:



We are using this process of thinking and developing our piece rather than using the traditional ‘Waterfall’ method. The waterfall method makes it a lot harder to develop the interactive piece as it relies on you getting it right first time, and we all know thats not going to happen. So, it makes much more sense to use the iterative design process for this assignment.

In this moment in time, my time should be focused on getting my initial ideas together and then putting them to test. In this assignment, we are encouraged to use the same structure as iterative designs process. So for every idea I have, I will run it through this process. I have a few ideas that I am eager to try out and see if they work.








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