Processing Project – Media Concept

Since my initial ideas were ruled out and not that viable for my final idea, I decided to focus on deciding what my media concept was going to be then focusing on designing my Processing piece. The brief suggests to focus the Processing final piece on an idea or concept that is relevant to 21st century experience. A part of digital media that I find interesting is the history of it and the transition from what it once was to what it is today. The segment of digital media history I find most fascinating and one that relates to me the most is gaming.

Gaming has become one of the biggest digital technologies in the world. In an article about statistics of the gaming industry in 2014, Andy Cresswell shows that, “there are 1.2billion gamers worldwide”(Andy Cresswell, 2014). This figure is mind blowing. Thats basically 1/7 of the world plays games. Many of these games are new games which involve the use of digital technologies. What my concept focuses on is the smaller minority in the 21st century who play retro games.

By retro games I mean games that were released in the 70s and 80s, games before digital technologies. Surprisingly, there is quite a big community of people who still play these games in favour of new games. I for one am one of these people. What I want to do with this idea is to apply a retro theme to a piece of Processing to make people in the 21st Century aware of retro side of technology.

In the next few weeks, I will be developing a piece of Processing which matches this concept and conveys what I want it to convey.



Andy Cresswell, 2014.



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