Processing Project – Evaluation

What I have learnt

This assignment has taught me the basics of Processing. Furthermore, I have learnt how to use a space effectively to put across an interactive piece that I have created. This has taught me valuable skills in terms of spacial awareness, the limitations of my project and how users interactive with certain things. I also learnt the, through my research, just how much possibilities there are when using interactive design. Processing has allowed me to think more creatively and has given me an insight on how creative designers think when creating a digital environment.

What I achieved

It is my belief that I have achieved what I deem to be a good interactive Processing piece that is accompanied by a solid and interesting idea as the driving force behind it. I was also very pleased at how my Dorset poster came out as it was a chance to showcase my Photoshop skills.

What went wrong

I spent too long going through many ideas and it took a while for me to get settled with an idea. Moreover, I think I could of used a more complicated Process for my piece and make it more interactive with the users. This would’ve allowed me to have more freedom with the space and also, I think more people would of stopped and interacted with it.

What I would do next time

If I had a similar task in the future, I would set aside a lot of my spare time into trying to learn the software being used. Although I did this to some degree, I could of applied myself much more and as a result, my Processing piece could of been a lot better.


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